Hi everyone, the evening post is here as promised! This series has really tested my patience because I wanted to take lots of screenshots but wasn’t able to. Grrrrr!! But enough about my frustrations, let’s dive into what I thought about this series. 

The light novel is written by Hayaken and illustrated by Nagu. The artist behind the manga is Moto Kuromura, who interestingly has a BL title under their belt. We have Studio Comet behind the series production, a studio I haven’t seen much apart from Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! and School Rumble.

Did I know this series beforehand? Didn’t know about it.

What is it about? Inglis, the Hero-King of the Kingdom of Silvare who devoted himself to its people, is on his deathbed. He is visited by the Divine Goddess Alistia and is granted one wish to repay his generous heart and efforts. 

Inglis asks, if possible, to be reincarnated as he is curious what the outcome would be if he were to devote himself to martial arts instead of being the ruler. His wish is granted, though with a twist. He is reincarnated as a baby girl, into a loving family. 

What to look out for? Nothing, so far.

What do I think? Sword lesbians, anyone?

I should probably start by alleviating some concerns that might arise from the summary above and our previous reincarnation experiences. First of all, while Inglis’ previous knowledge and memories are retained, the way she looks at herself is like a grandfather fawning over his granddaughter and I found that adorable. It’s even made into a joke of her spending too much time in front of the mirror!

The second point that made me feel relieved is that no mothers were harmed during the making of this episode. Seriously! When Inglis is still a baby, a monster attacks the manor where she, her mother, her friend, and her kids are present. The way Inglis’ mother bravely rushed to protect the kids but everyone took a hit in the end and it was the baby Inglis’ time to save the day, I was worried this would be another dead-mother tragic backstory plot at play. Thankfully, everyone was safe. 

The first episode is busy setting the story and explaining the inner workings of the magic and aether Inglis is able to use, but the country seems to have forgotten they exist, the relations between their friends, and especially Rafinha, another girl the same age as Inglis. Its overall tone is very light-hearted and comedic, which was something I didn’t expect for some reason but appreciated. 

I’m more than satisfied with the production quality. The characters look vibrant and lively, the voice acting is on point. I specifically applaud Akari Kitou, Inglis’ voice actor, for doing an excellent job of bringing out the spirited side with a dash of snobbiness, it’s a joy to listen to her! It’s not always I come to like kids, but she was super cute and I wanted to take at least a hundred screenshots of the baby Inglis. Damn you technology!! We’ll have to make do with what I found on the internet.


Will I continue watching? How can I not? Reborn to Master the Sword is funny, has a feisty female lead and the sweetest best friend that’ll give me enough material to wander off into the delusional Shippy Shippy Land. I look forward to seeing the rest!

Anyone seen Reborn to Master the Sword? This would be a series that I might have passed because of the title if I wasn’t writing my first impressions so I would understand if you did too. But if you haven’t, and are keeping up with the series, let me know what you think or if you’re more inclined to give it a chance after reading my impressions and see you tomorrow!

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