Hello friends. It’s been a little over one month ever since the major earthquake, and due to this enormous crisis, there’s new dirt or shortcoming of the ruling party unearthed every day. With two months left until the elections, my head is still preoccupied with what’s going on here. I plan to finish my first impressions next week even though it’s silly to write about a season that’ll end in two weeks, I just want to put a lid on what I started. That’s all for the current updates.

For this week’s Friday BL, I wanted to go for a Top 5 list again. I know some of you pick up your husbands from the Mass Murderer Mile High Club and gladly ignore all the red flags at the entrance, but today I wanted to honor the greenest flags among BL tops. The sweet and respectful flirts that’ll melt the hearts of even the most emotionally unavailables out there. The ones your grandma would approve of in a heartbeat. The husband material TM, if you will. As always, curious to know which character popped up in your mind the moment you laid eyes on the title, and hope you enjoy reading my selection!

Love For Sale (Lezhin) — Choi Sieon

Guys… this is a minimum 3-hour long Powerpoint presentation topic for me. It’s the case of “What in the actual F???”s boiling inside you whenever you read the worst takes on your favorite character. Don’t worry, I won’t go on a rant here. I do have a song to recommend to them, though.

Sieon has his own share of past familial issues and certain behavioral patterns that are left as marks that still persists to this day. However, right from the very first chapter, he’s done anything and everything he can think of that’ll be of benefit to Namwoo and increase his quality of life. He is great at reading his younger boyfriend’s expectations and needs, one could even say he’s too good at it. Sieon might not understand some of his reactions or reasoning and may speak his mind bluntly, but he makes sure to explain where he comes from and dissipate the heavy mood between them. His not being able to reciprocate Namwoo’s feelings in the specific shape Namwoo asks for, and even being vocal about how he’s not able to, is not the manipulation some of you think it is. Get your reading comprehension glasses on, people! 

15/10 will frustrate you down to your socks, in a sexy way!

Can I Buy Your Love From the Vending Machine? (Futekiya) — Ryouma Yamashita

Whenever I remember we still haven’t got the continuation in English even though it’s been a while since the second volume came out, I reread the first one to soothe my desperation. Not that the first volume leaves the reader hanging plot-wise, but it left me wanting more!

Yamashita’s job is to restock the vending machines where Ayumu works, but his secret main quest? To get to know this cute man with glasses he sees every time he visits the company. He doesn’t miss the opening when Ayumu strikes up a conversation, and he’s upfront about his feelings or intentions towards his crush as well. Ayumu’s unintentional sexiness drives him up the wall, sure, but he’s content with putting on the breaks and matching Ayumu’s pace. 13/10 will make you daydream about vending machine restockers and their toned biceps.

Link and Ring (Futekiya) — Bessho

I had already thought about a couple of options such as FANGS or Secondo Piatto. However last night, Link and Ring suddenly popped into my head. I didn’t remember all the details when it came to the plot but what I did remember is that it’s a volume that left an impression on me with its warmth. So I had to reread.

I was right about my feelings! Link and Ring, rather than the will-they-won’t-they, focuses on the inner workings of a newly established relationship with Bessho just having his bisexual awakening and coming to terms with it. While Makita was okay with the idea of dating men and his romantic feelings towards Bessho, he still has qualms when it comes to sex and needs time. It’s just a very sweet title where we get to read two people trying to navigate their way into something new and exciting. Everyone and their moms are super sweet in this BL, or even if they aren’t, they are made to face their preconceived discriminative ideas about sexual orientation. I know I was supposed to highlight Bessho but ugh, the series is a giant green flag flapping right into my face from start to finish. 16/10 is a comfort read when you don’t feel yourself and need to pick your mood up.

Uhhh…. some of us are single? Helloooo?

Beta Off Not Dating (Tappytoon) — Lee Sihyeon

The manhwa that gave me the push to write this list. Guys. I know I gushed about this title before in another Top 5 list but I’m not a prideful person. I’ll beg you as many times as necessary to convince you to give this manhwa a chance. It’s soon to be completed too!

Sihyeon is not one to keep his adoration to himself, to a point that everyone in the department knows he’s trying to flirt with Juhyeok to the best of his abilities but being a beta and believing someone like him could only date another beta, he isn’t able to smell any of the pheromones his alpha boss has been emitting whenever he’s around. There are other reasons that urge Juhyeok to maintain a safe distance, but Sihyeon’s damn smooth at this game! He continues to attempt at creating chances where he can spend quality time with his crush while respecting his boundaries both as a coworker and another person, is willing to keep his distance if that’s what Juhyeok wants in the end. The way he so tenderly and lovingly looks into Juhyeok’s eyes, tells another story though. 17/10 made my knees go weak with those green eyes!

Midnight Men (Lezhin) — Cha Yoogon

Midnight Men has just returned with its second season and while my BL senses tell me that the storm clouds are nearing at an alarming rate, I want to willfully ignore them and enjoy the current dynamic between the main characters Yoogon and Junghae.

Midnight Men is set in a strip club for women and Yoogon is the most sought-after dancer there. Junghae has just climbed aboard, and this gorgeous teacher is up to the task of teaching him the ropes. There’s a reason why Yoogon is the top performer, and it’s not just because he got the lucky genes from his parents. He’s confident and assertive in a playful way, knows what he wants, and doesn’t shy away from pleasure. Keeps his body in shape, is respectful, smart, kind, and a huge tease. I’d say he’s too good to be true, so it checks out that he’s just a 2D man on my screen. Yoogon’s adamant to keep both his shows and the series overall steamy hot! 20/10 will make you go incognito mode on your browser and search for a similar club in your town.

Bonus titles that I’ve previously reviewed (and hence avoided mentioning here): 

Swing Baby // May I Tie Up The Yakuza? // Bongchon Bride

That was all, folks! Differences in our tastes or the usual tropes we go for aside, I do feel the need to read titles that are soft and/or smooth-sailing romantic relationship-wise every now and then. Nothing but the bliss of two beautiful men falling in love, smooching, and getting it on. Which seme characters in BL are your favorite? Which one of them you’d proudly introduce to your family or friends? What did you think about my selection? Let me know in the comments and see you next week!

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  1. Good to see you online again, Nora. Hope all is going well for you amid all the distractions, revelations and terrible realities of natural disaster.


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