This anime was not to my taste so I dropped it halfway but this opening is an amazing cover of The Blue Hearts' song Hito ni Yasashiku. Full of energy and great vocals!


I sometimes ask myself if I am the only grown up on earth who waits for the next episode of Itoshi no Muco each week with such anticipation... But, look at that precious baby!


Hello. Before listing the reasons about why I was away, not writing, not even looking at my feed; I want to thank Animated for nominating me for a Free Spirited Award. This is my first nomination to any award that's been going on in WordPress and being a new blog, it made me really happy …


Here I go onto recommending manga again! Gosh, it is a little bit hard to come up with a theme for rec. because I mostly ('mostly' here possibly corresponds to 95%) read yaoi manga, then josei/shojo follows. The manga I'll be mentioning right now will not be new to everyone, but I love these manga so …


Welcome to my first recommendation post! In this section, I will do 3 recommendations at a post, without going into the story or detail too much and there will be no spoilers. Form of the headers are as follows : [Mangaka, Name of the magazine manga serialised in] Name of the manga. Hope you'll like them! …